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"Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)" wants to make you a smarter publisher by giving you access to powerful ideas, strategies, and tools for success.

Our interview guests are independent publishers, author publishers, and hybrid publishers, as well as distributors, printers, reviewers, booksellers, marketers, visionaries, and opinion leaders from all sectors of the book publishing industry.

We are sponsored and supported by the Independent Book Publishers Association, the largest book publishing association in the U.S. serving independent publishers and author publishers. IBPA’s vision is a world where every independent publisher has the tools and knowledge needed to professionally engage in all aspects of the publishing industry.

Your host is IBPA Member Liaison Christopher Locke.

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Get Ready for the 2021 Season of “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)”!

A new season of “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” starts Thursday, January 28! In this short intro, find out what new host IBPA Member Liaison Christopher Locke has in store for upcoming episodes of the podcast. Will this new season make you the most successful independent publisher the world has ever known? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

New episodes are posted the last Thursday of every month everywhere you download podcasts and on YouTube. Learn more about IBPA at

Host-Guesting: An interview with independent publisher Peter Goodman of Stone Bridge Press

Peter Goodman, publisher of Stone Bridge Press, has been host of this podcast for almost 3 years. New host Christopher Locke of IBPA asks Peter what he’s learned as an editor and indie publisher over 40+ years, including survival tips and whether luck has a role to play.

Virtual Frankfurt and Licensing Update, with MaryJo (“MJ”) Courchesne of Gryphon Publishing Consulting

The Frankfurt Book Fair was a completely virtual event this year. Licensing and permissions expert MaryJo (“MJ”) Courchesne of Gryphon Publishing Consulting reports on her experience, and also discusses the CASE Act, fair use, and book piracy

Improving your Amazon performance by tweaking your “relevancy score,” with guest Penny Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts

Every book has to earn its place in Amazon’s discoverability queue. Does yours? Penny Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts tells you how to optimize your book’s visibility and relevance using keywords, your author page, and more.

What’s new and what’s changed? How the pandemic has transformed publishing, with Angela Bole of IBPA.

COVID-19 has changed everything for everyone. Despite all the disruption, opportunities continue to emerge, promising to change the publishing landscape forever. Angela Bole, CEO of IPBA, presents some of her thoughts on what we’ve been through and what lies ahead.

Publishing: Looking backward, looking forward, with Robin Cutler of IngramSpark

IngramSpark has transformed the possibilities of self-publishing in America by offering on-demand printing, distribution, and access to worldwide markets to many thousands of entrepreneurs and indie publishers. And a key factor in IngramSpark’s success is Robin Cutler. On this podcast she talks about what she’s learned over the years and how she sees publishing developing in the future.

The search for hard data on how libraries foster book discovery, author recognition, and consumer sales, with guest Guy LeCharles Gonzalez of the Panorama Project.

We all know that libraries are important to developing readers and providing books and ebooks to the communities they serve. But how exactly does this impact the book industry and stimulate (or depress) consumer sales? Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, project lead for the Panorama Project, discusses the goals of the project’s research as well its investigation into how readers’ engagement with books is changing as a result of streaming media and gaming.

Diverse books for a diverse world, with Nicole Johnson of We Need Diverse Books

Diversity in book publishing begins with young readers finding books that speak to who they are and a diverse population of young professionals finding jobs in every aspect of the industry. Nicole Johnson, executive director of We Need Diverse Books, talks about programs and philosophies that are changing, literally, the face of book publishing in America today.

Books are more than books: multimedia possibilities for content enrichment, with Lindy Ryan of Black Spot Books and Vesuvian Media Group

Some books lend themselves to creative collaborations and multimedia treatments. Lindy Ryan of Black Spot Books and Vesuvian Media Group outlines the key issues facing publishers today and talks about what makes some stories suitable for dramatic performance and other nonprint media.

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