How to Get Libraries to Carry Your Books

The U.S. has thousands of libraries, so if an independent publisher can get their books carried in the library market, it can be great exposure for their books and a lucrative endeavor. But, how does an indie publisher get libraries to carry their books? On this episode of “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA),” we invited Founder and Former CEO at BiblioLabs and Senior Manager of the BiblioLabs Division at LYRASIS Mitchell Davis to share tips for how independent publishers and author publishers can get their books into libraries!


Mitchell Davis is a digital publishing and media entrepreneur with over twenty five years experience in the book publishing industry. He was the founder in 2000 of BookSurge, an indie publishing and print-on-demand technology platform which successfully exited in an acquisition to in 2005. BookSurge later became CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). After spending two years in senior management at Amazon he founded BiblioLabs which successfully exited in a merger with the global library nonprofit LYRASIS in 2021. BiblioLabs is a digital community engagement platform focused on helping libraries excel at local content. It has borne a number of innovative projects such as Indie Author Projectand the Creator local publishing tools for public libraries. Mitchell is also a partner in Creative Media, a print-on-demand book distributor working in the open content space and Rare Bird Farm a newly launched “tiny festival” music venue and artist platform. When not working he is an avid reader (currently reading any and everything by Kurt Vonnegut), music lover (plays in a Widespread Panic tribute band), futbol fan (Tottenham Hotspurs), and outdoor sports enthusiast.

Independent Book Publishers Association is the largest trade association for independent publishers in the United States. As the IBPA Member Liaison, Christopher Locke helps guide the 3,700+ members as they travel along their publishing journeys. As one of his major projects, he oversees the IBPA NetGalley program, which generates buzz and garners reviews for indie publishers’ titles. He’s also passionate about indie publishing, because he’s an author publisher himself, having published two novels so far in his YA trilogy, The Enlightenment Adventures.


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