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"Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)" wants to make you a smarter publisher by giving you access to powerful ideas, strategies, and tools for success.

Our interview guests are independent publishers, author publishers, and hybrid publishers, as well as distributors, printers, reviewers, booksellers, marketers, visionaries, and opinion leaders from all sectors of the book publishing industry.

We are sponsored and supported by the Independent Book Publishers Association, the largest book publishing association in the U.S. serving independent publishers and author publishers. IBPA’s vision is a world where every independent publisher has the tools and knowledge needed to professionally engage in all aspects of the publishing industry.

Your host is IBPA Member Liaison Christopher Locke.

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Book Distribution Basics, with guest Tom Doherty

Tom Doherty of Cardinal Publishers Group presents need-to-know pointers for independent publishers seeking distribution for their books.

Amazon Marketing Services for the Independent Publisher, with guest Ian Lamont

Ian Lamont of i30 Media discusses strategies for using Amazon Marketing Services to make your book pop to the top in Amazon searches.

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