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We love reading books. We love writers and are interested in the creative process. And we care deeply about the book industry that serves both writers and readers to make books and make them as widely available as possible.

There are so many books we need to know more about, and voices of writers that need to be heard. Livewriters curates an engaging, immersive, user-friendly experience where a diverse collection of the most important and compelling podcasts about books, authors and publishing can be shared and enjoyed.


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This site is for authors, readers and publishing professionals of all levels of experience and interests. If you have a podcast you’d like us to consider including in our collection, please contact submissions@livewriters.com.

If you are a writer or publisher who wants to learn more about podcasting and how to make it a part of your work, please contact support@livewriters.com.

If you are interested in advertising or sponsoring a show or part of our site, please contact sales@livewriters.com.

Our audience includes book industry professionals, readers, students, teachers, librarians and writers all over the world. We welcome hearing from you. Please write to us at info@livewriters.com.

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