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Writing interviews and how-tos from a SF writer who's still learning.

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[ISBW] Guest Gwendolyn Kiste and Historical Horror

Good News Good News Team Rejection count: 328 Main Topic: Gwendolyn Kiste, “Reluctant Immortals” Gwendolyn talks about the “reluctant immortals” in her new novel, well-known characters from Classic Literature Brainstorming is work Questions…

[ISBW] Spoilers Club, T. Kingfisher Talks What Moves the Dead

S18 Ep57 NOTE- we had a number of technical difficulties, including a part where the stream drops off and then returns. Please take note.    I can’t remember if we swore in this one, but just in case, this has an EXPLICIT tag.    

[ISBW] Tanvi Berwah and Writing The Hard Stuff

ISBW S18 Ep56: Guest Tanvi Berwah and Writing Myths Good News Good News Team Rejection count: 328 Main Topic: Tanvi Berwah, “Monsters Born and Made” Tanvi talks about her new novel, the Indian & Arabic myths her story’s monsters are based…

[ISBW] Evil Mur AMA

[ISBW] Baaaaaad Writing Advice

[ISBW] Emotions & Trilogies: Valerie Valdes Interview

[ISBW] Lessons Learned (Happy 17th Podcast Birthday!)

[ISBW] Mindy Carlson on Her Dying Day – Characters!

[ISBW] Emotions Aren’t Reality, Honest

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