[ISBW] Evil Mur Takes Over the Secret Seagull Shack

I Should Be Writing Season 20, Episode 9


“If you don’t start out perfect, you’re never going to be good.” – Evil Mur

Evil Mur is back giving terrible advice and it’s a wild ride through the looking glass of a writer’s darker musings. We cover questioning the point of writing when perfection eludes us to the ruthless strategy of writing on the job. She gives some seriously excellent advice about emotions in horror, and offers an unorthodox method for trimming the fat from your prose. We touch on the Hugo Awards and reveal the cover of Mur’s upcoming book, Infinite Archive.

Be warned: Evil Mur doesn’t play by the rules, and neither does her advice.

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Support the show, if you dare, and remember: Evil Mur is watching. Write like it’s your last act of defiance.

CREDITS Theme song by John Anealio, art by Numbers Ninja, site design by Clockpunk Studioand files hosted by Libsyn (affiliate link). Get archives of the show via Patreon. April 5, 2024 | Season 20 Ep 9 | murverse.com “The Epiphany of Routine” by Mur Lafferty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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