[ISBW] The Epiphany of Routine: Embracing Structure in a Creative Life

I Should Be Writing Season 20, Episode 7


I found myself looking for my own magic bullet and getting frustrated a the media who take the idea of a daily routine–something people with ADHD people need–and play it off as only done by stodgy, unfun dorks. I discuss Josh Zimmerman’s videos, how creation is like jumping off a diving board for me, my solo RPG plans, and promote Premee Mohamed’s books and bullying. 

From the fear of preparation to the power of routines for neurodiverse individuals, we open up about the importance of finding what works for you—even if it means facing your own hypocrisy. Plus, hear about the anticipation of the JoCo cruise, the chaos of running Brindlewood Bay RPGs, and why sometimes, you just have to leap off the high dive. 

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March 12, 2024 | Season 20 Ep 8 | murverse.com | CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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