[ISBW] Riding the Revision Rollercoaster

S20 Ep 12: In Which Mur Plans to Turn Hurt Feelings into Finished Drafts


“I read over the notes and I got mad and I got my feelings hurt.” – Mur (being fussy)

I’ve received my edit letter about Infinite Archive, so I’m handling all the emotions that carries with it.  ADHD complicated my perception of time, so figuring out how long it will take me is a challenge.

Valerie Valdes joins the chat with some excellent advice, like adding extra time to your deadlines to account for the unexpected. Then we touch on the basic concept of “someone comes to town, someone leaves down” (also a Cory Doctorow book title.)

We also touch on the concept of love triangles in fiction, sparking a conversation about the trope’s effectiveness and its alternatives.


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CREDITS Theme song by John Anealio, art by Numbers Ninja,and files hosted by Libsyn (affiliate link). Get archives of the show via Patreon. April 15, 2024 | Season 20 Ep 12 | murverse.com “The Revision Rollercoaster – From Hurt Feelings to Finished Drafts” by Mur Lafferty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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