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Beyond the Book is changing its name to the Velocity of Content podcast. Produced by Copyright Clearance Center, the global leader in content workflow and rights integration, the Velocity of Content podcast will explore issues facing the information content industry and help creative professionals realize the full potential of their works, while encouraging respect for intellectual property and the principles of copyright.

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US Book Show Focus on Libraries

After a successful launch last year, the online-only U.S. Book Show returns May 24-26.

Preprints, Retractions & The Scientific Record

A peer-reviewed article published this month in PLOS ONE has examined what happens in the scientific record when journal-published versions of articles are retracted in cases of research previously available on preprint servers.

Defending the Freedom to Read

Publishers, authors, and bookseller groups have joined the Unite Against Book Bans campaign

Book Supply Chain Check-Up

Dwindling paper supplies, skilled labor shortages, limited printing capacity, and heightened awareness of environmental impact have all contributed to the supply chain nightmare for publishers.

S&S Q1 Sales Soar

S&S CEO Jonathan Karp said that refinements made to its metadata has improved sell-through, boosting the bottom line.

150 Years of Books With PW

Although PW began as a publication for the trade, with the arrival of the web, its audience has grown to include avid book readers and the public.

At BISG, Pietsch Sees “Best of Times, Worst of Times”

“We learned we were more adaptable than we knew,” Michael Pietsch told the annual meeting of the Book Industry Study Group, the first such gathering in three years.

Latest STM “Tech Trends” Launches

A key problem with open access information is that we require a new locus of trust, says STM’s Eefke Smit. We need to know which information can be trusted or cannot be trusted.

Texas Librarians “Recover, Rebalance, Reconnect”

The nation’s largest state library association meeting returns to Fort Worth.

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