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Beyond the Book is changing its name to the Velocity of Content podcast. Produced by Copyright Clearance Center, the global leader in content workflow and rights integration, the Velocity of Content podcast will explore issues facing the information content industry and help creative professionals realize the full potential of their works, while encouraging respect for intellectual property and the principles of copyright.

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Science 2.0

From enumeration of animal species living in every corner of the globe to identification of fossil remains of ancient creatures, scientific inquiry looks from the present day into the very dimmest past. Science can’t see into the future – not yet anywa…

A Year’s Worth of Publishing News

For December 15, the final show of the year, CCC’s podcast highlights the biggest stories in the book world for 2022.

Workflow of the Future: Standards & Sustainability

Accelerating the sustainability agenda through innovative standards

Recipes for a Healthy Information Diet

When making a meal, whatever ends up on the menu, there are always fresh, wholesome ingredients from trusted sources. Our families and our guests expect as much. For all our information diets, the same care is advised – for our own good health,

Big Year for Book Bans

ALA and PEN say most “book challenges” in 2022 involve LGBTQ+ authors and themes, or issues of race and social justice.

The New Hit Factory: Podcasts and Audiobooks

What creators, performers, and rights owners should know when it comes to developing content for audiobooks and podcasts.

HarperCollins Union Members On Strike

The union action has received support from Harper authors and from the stage at the recent National Book Awards.

Best of VOC: Making Libraries Welcoming Spaces

The university library holds first a central role as a study space. With enrollment increasingly diverse, librarians and administrators see responsibility for making that study space into a welcoming place, too.

In Arkansas and Michigan, Voters “Defund” Public Libraries

In the US election this month, books bans and public school teaching restrictions remained hot button issues, according to Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer.

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