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Beyond the Book is changing its name to the Velocity of Content podcast. Produced by Copyright Clearance Center, the global leader in content workflow and rights integration, the Velocity of Content podcast will explore issues facing the information content industry and help creative professionals realize the full potential of their works, while encouraging respect for intellectual property and the principles of copyright.

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How To Publish An Open Access Book

A global group from academia and scholarly communications have prepared a book publishing guide to Open Access.

Homeland Elegies is 2020’s Great American Novel

Despite all the challenges thrown by 2020, the book business continues to be strong.

Where Publishing Meets the Pandemic

In a program created for the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair, panelists share real-time data about the coronavirus correlation on disruption in scientific publishing, how it drives their investments, and shapes the innovations they hope to bring to market.

High Marks for Virtual Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Rights digital platform saw 4,165 people sign up, and some 400,000 titles were listed. There was even a “big book of the fair.”

COVID-19, Copyright and the Creative Economy

What lessons does COVID-19 present for publishing? How does copyright hold its own in a world of “open”? Where might innovative business models emerge?

Are Bookstores Boxed Out?

Convenience has a cost and a consequence, says Alison Hill, CEO, American Booksellers Association.

As “Virtual” Frankfurt Book Fair Opens, Copyright In the Spotlight

Copyright Clearance Center has once again partnered with The Frankfurt Book Fair to spotlight innovation in global publishing. For 2020, the longstanding partnership will shift from the famous Frankfurt messe to a digital commons accessible anywhere in…

Congress Calls Digital Giants “Prone to Monopolization”

A handful of digital companies are branded as having achieved the same level of pernicious market dominance as Standard Oil.

Race and Racism in Academic Publishing: A Case Study from Elsevier – Part 2

In a two-part special program, Copyright Clearance Center and Elsevier explore how race and racism shape the academic knowledge system. This concluding segment considers how a publisher should respond to calls for change to eradicate racism in academic…

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