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Beyond the Book is changing its name to the Velocity of Content podcast. Produced by Copyright Clearance Center, the global leader in content workflow and rights integration, the Velocity of Content podcast will explore issues facing the information content industry and help creative professionals realize the full potential of their works, while encouraging respect for intellectual property and the principles of copyright.

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E-Book Price Suit Is “Implausible” Say Amazon, Publishers

In 2013, in the so-called “Apple e-books case,” Amazon was the alleged victim of a conspiracy by the major publishers. Now, Amazon and the Big Five are named as co-conspirators in a suit brought by Hagens Berman, the same firm that first sued Apple.

Do Book Consumers Discriminate Against Black, Female, or Young Authors?

“Readers really weren’t sensitive to the identities of the authors. They were welcoming of this diversity of voices, especially ones that had been underrepresented,” says Prof. Dana Weinberg.

US Prepares To Take On Penguin, S&S Merger

Witness lists include bestselling author Stephen King as well as all Big Five CEOS and a host of agents and editors.

The Picasso of Publishing

New frontiers. Challenging the status quo. These are lifelong career ambitions for Vitek Tracz.

Harper Collins Union Calls One-Day Strike

The union is looking for higher pay, improved family leave benefits, a greater commitment to diversifying staff, and stronger union protection.

A Global Code of Conduct for Researchers

Important, groundbreaking research happens across Africa. Yet African scientists and institutions rarely see credit in the world’s most recognized scholarly journals, according to Dr. Sowmya Swaminathan, Head of Collaborations, Springer Nature.

Best of VOC: Wartime Role for Ukraine Libraries

“We’ve seen public libraries that have turned into shelters, including some at the cities that are being shelled. And we’ve seen the Ukrainian library community mobilize to combat disinformation,” says Nick Poole.

ALA Conference Draws 14K Attendance

Librarians arrived last weekend in Washington for a wide-ranging professional education program that reflected ongoing political and cultural issues.

A Textbook Life, By An Author

Over the same period that Dr. Berk has researched and written her body of work, not only publishing and related technology have changed dramatically but also society and culture.

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