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Beyond the Book is changing its name to the Velocity of Content podcast. Produced by Copyright Clearance Center, the global leader in content workflow and rights integration, the Velocity of Content podcast will explore issues facing the information content industry and help creative professionals realize the full potential of their works, while encouraging respect for intellectual property and the principles of copyright.

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“Disappointing” Federal Funding of US Public Libraries

Librarians argue that with rising inflation and continued economic volatility and uncertainty, flat funding is essentially a cut.

Wartime Role for Ukraine Libraries

“We’ve seen public libraries that have turned into shelters, including some at the cities that are being shelled. And we’ve seen the Ukrainian library community mobilize to combat disinformation,” says Nick Poole.

Book Fairs Closed to Russian State Agencies

Book fairs around the world resolve to suspend contact with any Russian state institutions and agencies.

Publishing Research Directions

A novel scholarly publishing model from the oldest publishing house in the world aims to open entirely new territory in the research journey.

Publishing Unites Against War, Putin

“The war must cease immediately, and the initiators and participants of the military aggression must be stripped of their ranks and titles and brought to justice,” declared a Russian book industry alliance.

Small Batch Publishing

The key to success, says Publerati’s Caleb Mason, is a focus on scale – the same approach as at your favorite microbrewery.

Tackling Publishing’s Supply Chain Struggles

On a recent online panel discussion looking at supply chain challenges in publishing, PW’s Jim Milliot foresaw a shift from offshore printing back to stateside.

SDG Content Hub Magic Number Is 17

“The challenges the UN SDGs set out to address are things that need to be informed by high-quality academic research,” says Springer Nature’s Nicola Jones.

Penguin Random House CEO Funds PEN America Fight Against Book Bans

A report from PEN America shows a steep rise in organized efforts to remove books from schools and public library shelves.

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