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Anna Meriano On Writing YA With Roots In A Problematic Fandom

Today’s guest is Anna Meriano, author of This Is How We Fly, a contemporary YA that focuses on a Muggle Quidditch team. Anna joined me today to talk about writing sports for young audiences, and how she navigated her debut being so closely tied to what h…

Dina Brumfield On Tracing Women’s Rights In China Through Fiction

Today’s guest is Dina Brumfield, who was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She came to the United States to join her family as a young adult in late ‘80s. After earning her MBA, she worked as a consultant in New York and at various Silicon Valley compa…

Charise Harper On Her Graphic Novel To Help Middle Graders With Embarrassment

Today’s guest is Charise Harper whose new release, So Embarrassing: Awkward Moments and How to Get Through Them, a graphic novel for middle graders) releases in November. Charise joined me to talk about how to handle embarrassing situations (even as an a…

Richard Osman Talks Promotion When Crossing Over From Television to Publishing

Today’s guest is Richard Osman, British television personality and author of the best-selling new release, The Thursday Murder Club, featuring septuagenarian crime solvers living in a retirement community.
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Hayley Chewins Talks Writing Upper Middle Grade And How to Handle A Revise & Resubmit

Today’s guest is Hayley Chewins, author of The Turnaway Girls and The Sisters of Staygarden Place. Hayley joined me to talk about writing upper middle grade, the process of enduring multiple revise and resubmit stages, and her class – 100 Ideas in 10 Day…

Matt Haig Talks Anxiety, Panic, Depression & Writing As Therapy

Today’s guest is Matt Haig, author of The Midnight Library, a Good Morning America Book Club pick for October. Matt joined me to talk about mental health as a writer, and how to manage during the pandemic.
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Lori M. Lee on Pivoting to Digital Marketing & Managing Depression During COVID

Today’s guest is Lori M. Lee, author of the YA Fantasy Forest of Souls. Lori joined me to talk about launching a book during the pandemic, pivoting to online marketing and promotion, and how she handled depression and anxiety during the ongoing epidemic….

Indie Editor talks Pros of the Indie Path and Publishing in the Pandemic

Today’s guest is Shayne Leighton, Editor in Chief of Parliament House Press, an indie publisher specializing in SciFi and Fantasy. Shayne joined me today to talk about the pros of going the indie route, the need for transparency in publishing, and how th…

Kurt Dinan On The Difficulty of Marketing YA Humor & Learning the Skills For Indie Publishing

Kurt Dinan is the author of The Scam List, and Don’t Get Caught. In this episode he talks about the difficulty of marketing humor and the learning curve of skills for indie publishing.
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