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Writers talk craft, agent hunt, query trenches, publishing industry, and more. Hosted by Mindy McGinnis.

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Stephanie Marie Thornton On Writing Controversial Historical Characters In Fiction

Today’s guest is Stephanie Marie Thornton, author of A Most Clever Girl, which tells the story of Elizabeth Bentley, a forgotten – and disliked – female spy who spied both for (and against) Russia during the Cold War. Stephanie joined me to talk about th…

Bestselling Author Lisa Regan On Writing The Josie Quinn Series

Today’s guest of Lisa Regan, author of the bestselling Josie Quinn Detective series. Lisa joined me today to talk about writing a character over such a long series, the beauty (and pressures!) of a dedicated fan base, and research for police procedurals….

Chelsea Bobulski on Implementing Indie Strategies in Traditional Publishing

Today’s guest is Chelsea Bobulski, whose new series – All I Want for Christmas – is traditionally published, but releasing under a rapid release model, a hallmark of Indie promotion and marketing. Also covered – how to write and promote at the same time,…

Sarah J. Schmitt on Successful School Visits for Authors

Sarah J. Schmitt joined me today to talk about her new book, Where There’s A Whisk. We talked about school visits for authors with teens, how to get their attention, and how to keep it. Also covered – writing in the pandemic, reality television, and the …

Caitlin Wahrer On Writing About Male Sexual Assault Victims

Today’s guest is Caitlin Wahrer, author of the The Damage, which details the fallout and repercussions of a sexual assault that affects not only the victim, but also family and friends. 
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Laurell K. Hamilton On Starting A New Series

Today’s guest is Laurell K. Hamilton, author of the bestselling Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, the Merry Gentry series, and her newest series, Zaniel Havelock. Laurell joined me today to talk about the difficulty of writing a long series, the joy of …

Harper Collins Editor Ben Rosenthal On the Editor / Author Relationship

Today’s guest is my own editor, Ben Rosenthal of Katherine Tegen Books. Ben joined me to talk about the misconceptions of the author / editor relationship, why there is such a long lead time in traditional publishing, and the difficulty of reading for pl…

Saumya Dave On Writing Mental Health, Family Relationships & Debuting In A Pandemic

Today’s guest is Saumya Dave, author of What A Happy Family. Saumya joined me today to talk about family roles and how they continue throughout adulthood, writing mental health from the perspective of a practicing psychiatrist, and debuting during the pa…

Ian Dawson On Writing Fiction From Personal Trauma

Today’s guest is Ian Dawson, author of The Field and Midnight House, which are both loosely based on his own kidnapping and abuse as a child. We talk about the catharsis of addressing trauma through fiction, pushing the boundaries in the young adult genr…

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