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2017 Summer Reading Challenge

Join us as we embark on our Summer Reading Challenge!

Dark, Light, & In Between

We’re swinging from heavy, major, important nonfiction to the frothiest and most delightful YA romance this week.

Attack of the Killer Spelling Bees

Our annual spelling bee, words we can’t pronounce, a trio of music recommendations, and of course what we’re reading now.

Making Grown Men Cry, Since 2015

Sweet-sad poems, ghosts of the Village Past, and melancholy post-Victorian tales of ruined childhoods in creeepy cults… But we manage to have a little fun, too.

Serving the Least Served

Libraries and activism with Cory Eckert, one of the joint chiefs of Storytime Underground! We go in-depth on libraries as non-neutral spaces and how children’s librarians stand up for social justice. Plus: recommendations for romance novels and two brand-

American Passions

The triumph and tragedy of Jim Thorpe, the difficulty of Henry James, and the ferocity of Emily Dickinson and Camille Paglia. Bonus: Barbra Streisand’s underground wonderland!

“Hermione was Black. Dumbledore was Gay.”

The founders of Black Girls Create join us to talk about what it’s like to be a black girl nerd, defaulting to whiteness in books and pop culture, nerds vs. geeks vs. dweebs, feminism and visibility and representation — and, of course, sooooo much Harry

Podcasting the Apocalypse

We’re going weekly! One week, Gwen and Frank will talk books, culture and what to read next and the next, they’ll welcome a very special guest. Let us know what you think! This week: mesmerizing short stories, our Margaret Atwood obsession, and cree

What Lawyers and Librarians Have in Common

Reena Glazer of the Pro Bono Institute joins Frank and Gwen to talk about lawyers in the library and recommendations for great nonfiction about pro bono legal work. Plus: Purple diaries, yellow cable cars, and colorful characters.

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