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Far Out, Friends! Ep. 6

We’re heading back to the ’70s this week! Shola Lynch (of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture) joins us to talk about film, art, collecting history, and what it’s like to hug Bert from Sesame Street.

We Love Men! Ep. 5

Taboo subjects in adult and children’s books alike abound on our fifth episode. Plus, find out what makes a “rare book” rare with our very own rare book librarian, Jessica Pigza.

The Podcast That Must Not Be Named, Ep. 4

Go behind the scenes at BookOps, the Library’s special secret spy agen— er, the “technical services” unit. Also: the Helen Ellis/Shirley Jackson/Anita Brookner triumverate, Frank’s shocking Harry Potter confession, and more.

#TeamEdith, Ep. 3

We talk about how to fit more reading into busy schedules, Lin-Manuel Miranda, horror books and movies, childhood favorites, David Bowie, Lin-Manuel Miranda again, and our love for Downton Abbey’s kind Anna and unstoppable Edith.

Cloning Clooney, Ep. 2

We talk about feminist comics, The Golden Girls, squids and snails, intellectualism, and — yes — cloning George Clooney. Plus Frank and Gwen are joined by NYPL’s very own Jason Baumann.

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