Literary Disco

Hosted ByTod Goldberg, Julia Pistell, & Rider Strong

Writers talk about reading. Hosted by Tod Goldberg, Julia Pistell, and Rider Strong.

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Episode 204: Horror

Where we ask the important question: what scares you?

Episode 203: Crime

Today, we continue our genre-based season where we dive deep into a literary genre exploring what defines it, what makes it work and not work, interviewing authors, talking to...

Episode 202: Fantasy

Episode 202: Sea Tea (Literary Disco Live!)

Episode 201: Where the Hell Have We Been?

Episode 200: Reflections on the Disco

Episode 199: Back to School

Episode 198: Horse Girls

The incredibly popular, enduring, and surprisingly diverse world of the horse girl

Episode 197: East of Eden

Julia, Rider, and Tod discuss the unconventional morality of the Steinbeck classic

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