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Hosted ByTod Goldberg, Julia Pistell, & Rider Strong

Writers talk about reading. Hosted by Tod Goldberg, Julia Pistell, and Rider Strong.

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Episode 7: A Separate Peace

Somehow, Rider has never read this classic. We correct that. We also discuss the various terrors of boarding school, books from our shelves, and which parts of Crime and Punishment Tod completely made up.

Episode 6: Treasure Island!!! and Poet Voice

Hello all,
Hey, it’s new episode day! This week we welcome Mark Haskell-Smith, author of the hilarious Heart of Dankness, who shares Sarah Levine’s brilliant picaresque novel Treasure Island. We loved it. We also share some really good s[…]

Episode 5: Above the Factory

Evening, readers!
Here we have Episode 5: Above the Factory. Read, listen, mull it over, throw your listening device across the room in frustration… whatever floats your boat.
We also introduce a new bookish game: Judging a Book by Its Cover.[…]

Episode 4: The Chairs are Where the People Go

Hi, everyone! Here’s Episode 4. Sorry for the delay. We were having technical difficulties, so here’s a tried-and-true MP3 for your listening pleasure.

Friends, family, loved ones of all sorts: if you were to organize a room f[…]

Episode 3: Sweet Valley High & Klassics Korner

Today, we get silly. We discuss the various merits and demerits of Sweet Valley High. We revisit the classics, but upon Julia’s insistence, we give it the stupid name “Classics Corner– with two K’s!” See, that makes it […]

Episode 2: Half a Life & Poet Voice

In our second podcast, we go back to our bookshelves again (or maybe put on our ipods, or maybe even just look at the back of the book).
Then we take a deep dive into Darin Strauss’ memoir, Half a Life, which leads to a hot debate about the c[…]

Episode 1: Bookshelf Revisit & Bright’s Passage

The long-awaited first episode of Literary Disco has arrived!
We begin by revisiting our bookshelves and recommending some of our favorites (or, in Rider’s case, weird books from the teen years) to each other.
Then we get to the meat and pota[…]

Episode 0: Introduction

Subscribe and listen! This is our introductory podcast, in which Rider, Tod, and Julia discuss the books they loved, standing up to librarians, and meaningful professors.

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