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"Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)" wants to make you a smarter publisher by giving you access to powerful ideas, strategies, and tools for success.

Our interview guests are independent publishers, author publishers, and hybrid publishers, as well as distributors, printers, reviewers, booksellers, marketers, visionaries, and opinion leaders from all sectors of the book publishing industry.

We are sponsored and supported by the Independent Book Publishers Association, the largest book publishing association in the U.S. serving independent publishers and author publishers. IBPA’s vision is a world where every independent publisher has the tools and knowledge needed to professionally engage in all aspects of the publishing industry.

Your host is IBPA Member Liaison Christopher Locke.

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Solutions to Common Challenges that Independent Publishers Run Into

Independent publishers run into many of the same challenges with publishing, so the best way to figure out how to overcome those challenges is to learn from other publishers’ achievements and missteps. Taevo Publishing Founder and CEO Tamara Mayo joins “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to discuss the best methods she’s learned about how to work with her authors; how to solve accounting issues; how to find funding; how to balance running a publishing business while also maintaining a full-time job; and much more!

How Independent Publishers Can Land Distribution with Simon & Schuster

Many independent publishers feel a great divide between them and the Big 5 publishers. One of the biggest issues is access to various sales markets, such as bookstores, retail stores, and more. The good news is that there are new ways that these major publishers and indies can work together to the betterment of both.

One such way is through distribution. It can be quite difficult for independent publishers to land traditional distribution, but some indie publishers have found a path through Simon & Schuster. Simon & Schuster Vice President of Publisher Services Keith Parent joins “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to share details about how to apply.

Reach Readers Through LibraryReads’ Top 10 Books List

Independent publishers and author publishers are always seeking effective ways to promote their books, and one great way to do so is through LibraryReads. The Executive Director, Rebecca Vnuk, joins “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to explain how LibraryReads creates a widely read list of must-read, new books based on library staff recommendations and how indie publishers can get their books on that list. Rebecca also used to be a librarian, so she shares tips about how publishers can get libraries to carry their books.

Grab the Attention of Librarians through a “Booklist” Review

Are you hoping to sell your books to libraries? If so, trade reviews are a vital component to enticing libraries to buy your books, and librarians especially value “Booklist” reviews—the official trade publication of the American Library Association. So IBPA invited “Booklist” Editor and Publisher George Kendall as a guest on “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to discuss how publishers can land a “Booklist” review; how they can best leverage their review; and much more.

Learn How Distribution Sales Teams Sell Your Books to Amazon, Bookstores, and More

Landing traditional distribution can be a major help in garnering exposure and sales for books in important markets such as Amazon, Kindle, bookstores, retail stores, and more. National Accounts Manager in Sales at Publishers Group West and Ingram Publisher Services David Dahl joins “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to explain the behind the scenes of how distribution sales teams promote books to these lucrative markets, and gives tips for how independent publishers can set their books up for success with distributors.

How Publishers Can Maximize An Author’s Brand & Avoid Book Marketing Burnout

Book marketing isn’t just about selling books, it’s about building a reputation and an audience of loyal readers. An author may be focused on their writing so much that they don’t quite know what their brand is, but that’s where a publisher comes in. Publishers can, and should, help their authors pinpoint a professional and memorable author brand in order to engage fans and sell books. On this episode of “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA),” personal branding expert and internet marketing strategist Jeniffer Thompson shares practical tools for creating a sustainable author brand as well as easy-to-implement steps to highlight the brand story, elevate the author’s visibility, and ensure a consistent visual presence.

How to Build Book Buzz with Social Media Influencers

Social media can be an excellent tool for publishers to build brand awareness and garner exposure for their books, but it’s also complicated to properly navigate. One advantageous social media tactic is to hire an influencer, but how do you go about hiring the right one for your books? What types of campaigns work the best? What are some challenges to hiring an influencer and how do you overcome them? CEO & Founder of Branch & Bramble Emily Lyman joins “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to share her expertise on all things related to social media influencers!

Tips to Sell Your Books to the Education Market

There are thousands and thousands of schools in the United States, so getting your books into the education market can be quite lucrative and rewarding, knowing that you’re inspiring the next generation of readers. So what is the process of getting your books into schools? What kinds of books are marketable to schools? How do you set up school author visits? Author, educator, and speaker Jane Wood joins “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to answer these questions and many more!

Understanding the Importance and Benefits of Trade Reviews

Garnering a trade review can provide multiple benefits for a book, but how can you make the most out of the reviews you receive? Should you get a paid trade review? Is there anything positive you can get out of a negative review? BlueInk Review Co-Founder Patti Thorn will answer these questions and many more on this episode of “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)!”

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