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Meredith and Kaytee (Behind-the-Scenes of the Currently Reading Podcast)

In Episode 16, Meredith Monday Schwartz and Kaytee Cobb join me to go behind-the-scenes of the Currently Reading Podcast.

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  • The segment Currently Reading guests are always the most nervous about.
  • How (and how fast) Currently Reading came together.
  • What Meredith and Kaytee did not want Currently Reading to be.
  • How Meredith and Kaytee’s relationship has changed since starting Currently Reading.
  • The biggest challenges of running Currently Reading (PS – Kaytee’s and Meredith’s are different).
  • Meredith and Kaytee’s dream guests for Currently Reading…and Sarah’s for Sarah’s Book Shelves Live.
  • Meredith and Kaytee share the biggest similarities and biggest differences in their reading tastes.
  • The book all three of us loved despite thinking the premise was completely preposterous.
  • A bonus book recommendation from Meredith.
  • A tangent about Goodreads‘ skewed ratings because of people not rating books they don’t like and/or finish.
  • What Meredith and Kaytee would do if they hated a book a guest wanted to press into everyone’s hands.

Meredith and Kaytee’s Book Recommendations

Two OLD Books They Love

Two NEW Books They Love

Two Books They Didn’t Love

Two New Releases They’re Excited About

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

The Currently Reading Podcast

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About Meredith


Meredith Monday Schwartz is a married mom of 4 and full-time CEO of a large wedding website. She lives in the SF Bay Area and loves the cool temperatures and high number of bookstores that make up the gorgeous place she calls home. She’s been an avid reader since she was 4. She’s a very introverted INFJ, so she reads to re-charge. Her very favorite thing to do if she’s not reading is… wait for it… to talk about books! She’s so grateful that, in Kaytee, she’s found the perfect partner.

About Kaytee

Instagram | Blog | TwitterGoodreads

Kaytee is married to her best friend, a mama of 4 littles, a big fan of Jesus, and a homeschool mom and director (kind of like the principal of our homeschool co-op). She tries not to lose her mind while juggling all these roles by reading books. She’s attempting to reach “professional” reading level by regularly devouring 200 or more books in a calendar year! She’s an ESFJ, Type A, Enneagram 2w1, Obliger who obviously loves personality tests. She enjoys being around people, but her favorite thing to talk to those people about is…books!

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