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Sarah’s Bookshelves Live is a weekly show featuring real talk about books and book recommendations from a featured guest. Each week, Sarah of the blog Sarah’s Bookshelves will talk with her guest about:


I’m getting real about all things books and serving you up a bit of snark on the side.

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Ep. 151: Angie Kim (Author of Happiness Falls) + Book Recommendations

Episode 151 brings author Angie Kim back to the podcast with her sophomore novel, . Angie is carving out her niche with literary mysteries featuring children with disabilities or illnesses, drawing inspiration from her own family’s encounters….

Ep. 150: Fall 2023 Book Preview with Catherine (@GilmoreGuide)

Welcome to the Fall 2023 Book Preview with Catherine of !   In this episode, Catherine and I share 12 of our most anticipated books releasing in mid-August through December.   This post contains affiliate links through which I make a…

Ep. 149: Summer 2023 Circle Back with Catherine (@GilmoreGuide)

In Ep. 149, Catherine () and I revisit the 12 books released from June to mid-August that we featured in the .  We update you on our reading stats for summer, chat about the books we’ve tackled or tried, and let you know which ones are worth…

Ep. 148: Backlist: Best Books of 2020 with Susie (@NovelVisits)

For Episode 148, as the podcast takes a brief break, we revisit a backlist episode…the Best Books of 2020 with Susie Boutry (). Re-listening to this one is a unique opportunity to get a look back on a strange year. Whether you’re new to the…

Ep. 147: Lara Love Hardin (Author of The Many Lives of Mama Love) + Book Recommendations

In Episode 147, Lara Love Hardin joins me to discuss her memoir, . Lara shares her journey from opioid addict (funded through credit card theft) to successful ghostwriter. Her warm and candid storytelling touches on themes of forgiveness,…

Ep. 146: Katie Williams (Author of My Murder) + Book Recommendations

In today’s podcast episode, Katie Williams and I delve into the complex questions surrounding motherhood, marriage, and society’s fixation on a certain type of murder victim that she explores in .  We discuss the romanticization of white…

Ep. 145: 2023 Micro Genres We Love with Susie (@NovelVisits)

In Episode 145, Susie Boutry () and I dive into micro genres — the niches within niches that we’ve come to adore. Over the past year, we’ve discovered even more unique themes and types of books that consistently captivate us. Today, we’re…

Ep. 144: John Marrs (Author of The One, The Passengers, and The Marriage Act)

John Marrs, best-selling author of , , and , talks about his journey from self-published to bestselling author, his writing process, how he manages writing in multiple genres for two different publishers, and more.  John’s…

Ep. 143: Behind the Scenes of Book Coaching with Abigail K. Perry (of Lit Match Podcast) + Book Recommendations

In today’s episode of Sarah’s Bookshelves Live, we dive into the fascinating world of book coaching with Abigail K. Perry ()! We chat about the role of book coaches, the perks of working with them, and uncover some valuable insights for aspiring…

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