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Writer's Voice features author interviews and readings, as well as news, commentary and tips related to writing and publishing. We also talk with editors, agents, publicists and others about issues of interest to writers. Francesca Rheannon is producer and host of Writer's Voice. She is a writer, an independent radio producer and a broadcast journalist.

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Steve Babson, THE FORGOTTEN POPULISTS & Lesléa Newman, ALWAYS MATT: A Tribute to Matthew Shepard

We talk with labor educator and activist Steve Babson. His book is The Forgotten Populists: When Farmers Turned Left to Save Democracy. Then, Heather Has Two Mommies author Lesléa Newman tell us about the enduring legacy of Matthew Shepard.

Corban Addison WASTELANDS: The True Story of Farm Country on Trial

What happened when a poor African-American community went up against the biggest meatpacking company in the world? We spend the hour with Corban Addison talking about his spell-binding legal thriller, WASTELANDS: The True Story of Farm Country on Trial…


Can we achieve 100% clean power by 2030? We spend the hour with John Berger talking about his inspiring new book, Solving The Climate Crisis: Frontier Reports From The Race To Save The Earth. Writers Voice— in depth conversation with writers of all gen…

Scott Chaskey, SOIL & SPIRIT – Ravinder Bhogal, COMFORT & JOY

We talk with poet, farmer and author Scott Chaskey about his new book, Soil and Spirit: Cultivation and Kinship In The Web of Life. It’s about poetry, soil, farming and community. Then, Chef Ravinder Bhogal introduces us to the comfort and joy of immig…

A True Romeo and Juliet Story in Hitler’s Paris: STARCROSSED. Also, Margaret Renkl, THE COMFORT OF CROWS

We talk with Simon Worrall and Heather Dune-Macadam. About the fascinating and tragic story of a young Jewish artist in Nazi-occupied Paris. Their book is STAR CROSSED: A True Romeo and Juliet Story in Hitler’s Paris. Then,

Perilous Medicine: The Struggle To Protect Health Care From The Violence of War (encore)

Military violence against hospitals, patients, and health workers has become a common feature of modern war. Israel’s current bombardment of hospitals, ambulances and medical personnel in Gaza is a textbook example of this disturbing trend.

Patrick Chura on Albert Maltz, A TALE OF ONE JANUARY & Norman Finkelstein on Gaza

We talk with Patrick Chura about a long-suppressed novel about the Holocaust by the blacklisted Socialist writer, Albert Maltz. It’s just been published in the US — over 60...

Carl Safina, ALFIE AND ME & Charlotte Dennett, FOLLOW THE PIPELINES

What an owl taught a famed ecologist about a deadly human misconception. Also, the role of oil in the Israel/Palestine conflict. We talk with ecologist Carl Safina about his book, Alfie and Me: What Owls Know, What Humans Believe.


Brant MacDuff tells us why hunting is good for the environment. His book is The Shotgun Conservationist.

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