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Writer's Voice features author interviews and readings, as well as news, commentary and tips related to writing and publishing. We also talk with editors, agents, publicists and others about issues of interest to writers. Francesca Rheannon is producer and host of Writer's Voice. She is a writer, an independent radio producer and a broadcast journalist.

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Pawan Dhingra, HYPEREDUCATION & J. Chester Johnson, DAMAGED HERITAGE

Pawan Dhingra discusses HYPEREDUCATION & J. Chester Johnson talks about the Elaine Race Massacre in DAMAGED HERITAGE.

Margot Livesy, THE BOY IN THE FIELD & Frank Huyler, WHITE HOT LIGHT

Margot Livesy on her new novel, The Boy In The Field; Frank Huyler’s memoir, White Hot Light; KL Cook on COVID19.

Max Elbaum: What’s At Stake for the Left in the 2020 Election?

We talk with Max Elbaum about the debate over whether the Left should support Joe Biden.

Phillip A. Neel, HINTERLAND

Phillip A. Neel discusses his book Hinterland: America’s New Landscape Of Class And Conflict.

Greg Palast, HOW TRUMP STOLE 2020

Greg Palast, How Trump Stole 2020; Robert Fitrakis on voting machines; Maya Angelou, And Still I Rise

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