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Hosted ByJennifer Udden & Bridget Smith

Join Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary Inc. and Jennifer Udden of Barry Goldblatt Literary LLC as we discuss books, publishing, writing, fandom, and more!

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Episode 10 – Triumphant Return

In which Bridget and Jen count down their favorite reads of 2014 and look towards the future!
As always, we welcome feedback, questions, and suggestions in our tumblr ask box or at 
Happy New Year! 

Episode 9 – Real People, Real Books

In which we discuss RPF, monetizing fandom, and Jen Udden calls the Hugo awards. Recorded April 25, 2014. 
As always, we welcome questions, comments, and suggestions in our tumblr ask box or via email at 

Episode 8 – Wheeling & Dealing

In which we talk about revising your book into a beautiful butterfly of fanciness. First posted 3/26/2014

Episode 7 – Tired & Uninspired

In which 2014 comes in full of hope and promise only to give way to exhaustion and despair under the crushing weight of expectations (Or, reading books all the time is hard, y’all). First posted 2/14/2014. 

Episode 6 – Revelations & Resolutions

In which we talk about our reading in 2013 and our resolutions for 2014. And how much we both really love Fangirl, which you all already knew. Posted 1/14/2014.

Episode 5 – Forms & Formats

In which we discuss genre breakdowns, what our pretend boyfriend might be reading, and why you might not need to make your book a dystopia. First posted 11/12/2013.

Episode 4 – Adapt & Survive

This week we had the marvelous Ryan Britt as our guest! Ryan is the former staff writer for Tor.Com and writes for many outlets. We talked about adapting works into film and television, and somehow managed to miss talking about Game of Thrones. First…

Episode 3 – Singularity & Solidarity

This week, we have a special guest in the form of Cici James, the amazing co-owner of the awesome bookstore  and the genius behind Save the Scifi and  campaigns. Cici is a cosplayer, academic, bookseller, and fan, and it was a true…

Episode 2 – Kiss & Tell

In this episode, Bridget & Jen discuss love and romance, ships, slash, the pros and cons of starting your novel with a nameless woman being chased through the woods, and how to break into publishing (kind of.) First posted 10/21/2013

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