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A podcast by people who love to read, for people who love to read.

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Reading Envy 211: Rereads and Romance with Kim

The first regular episode of 2021 kicks off with a new guest – Kim. She talks about how she made it through 2020 by doing a lot of rereading books with disaster magnets, rich brothers, and fire cats. Jenny pitches in with one recent and one deep backlist

Reading Envy 210: 2021 Reading Goals

Jenny reports back on how she did on her 2020 reading goals in the midst of challenging circumstances, then sets goals for 2021. Then a handful of podcast and reading friends share their reading goals for 2021. Download or listen via this link: Reading E

Reading Envy 209: Best Reads of 2020 with Guest Menagerie

Jenny invited past guests and members of the Reading Envy Readers group in Goodreads to contribute their best reads of 2020. In true Reading Envy fashion, books were not necessarily published in 2020. We always like to hear if you read a book because you

Reading Envy 208: Thriving in Marginalia with Lauren

It’s the last regular episode of the year, featuring frequent guest Lauren. We talk reading around the world, different ways of interacting with other readers, poetry, and more. I know there is a slight sound issue and we think it is internet connection r

Reading Envy 207: Innocent and Ruthless with Tricia Deegan

Jenny records across the sea to talk to artist and English teacher Tricia Deegan. If you hear any words that seem stretched out, blame the internet under the ocean! I did what I could in the editing but there are a few unavoidable blips. Nothing too bad,

Reading Envy 206: Black Sheep with Tina Porubsky

Jenny welcomes a new guest – Tina – and we chat about reading more books from our own shelves and great books we’ve read recently. Jenny also asks about Tina’s knitting, a new hobby she enjoys alongside reading. Download or listen via this link: Reading E

Reading Envy 205: Life and Time with author Bryan Washington

Jenny speaks with author Bryan Washington about his new novel, Memorial, and also gets to know more about him as a reader. This bonus episode also contains information about a last-minute readalong, how to contribute to the best of the year episode, and w

Reading Envy 204: BookTube Season with Scott

While a lot of readers have struggled during the pandemic, Scott had a reading breakthrough this past year. We talk about BookTube, places for readalongs, and books we’ve read and liked recently. Download or listen via this link: Reading Envy 204: BookTu

Reading Envy 203: Backlist with Marion Hill

Marion and I talk about the rich possibilities of exploring author backlists and catch up on recent reads. Download or listen via this link: Reading Envy 203: Backlist Subscribe to the podcast via this link:Feedburner Or subscribe via Apple Podcasts

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