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A single, burning question about love and relationships, every season. Explored through stories. Hosted by Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein.

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S5E8: The Connecticut Wife

Many of us have clear expectations for our romantic lives. We envision a certain kind of partner, a certain kind of relationship. But Nicole found her new beginning after giving herself permission to change course. The end result? She’s built a life she never imagined for herself. Email us at

S5E7: Boyfriend Person

Trenni used to pity the “boyfriend people” — women she knew whose lives seemed to revolve around a guy. She valued her independence and wore it like a badge of honor. Then, a chance encounter on the street led her to a life-changing discovery. Email us at

S5E6: How to Step-Mom

When a step-parent enters the picture, it can be an especially fraught new beginning — for everyone involved. Stacie discovered this after she and Tim decided to make a life together. Tim came with two kids; Stacie had none. Nor did she have any idea — at first, anyway — what it meant to be a step-mom. Plus, Meredith and her sister, Brette, sing Mary Poppins. Sort of. Email us at

S5E5: This Beautiful Thing for Right Now

It’s hard to not worry about the future. We all want to know how things are going to work out. For Meighan, her romantic path seemed clear. Until … it didn’t. That’s when she learned to let go of tomorrow and just live for today. Email us at

S5E4: Her Mother’s Daughter

When Letitia needed inspiration for her new beginning, she found it in the most natural place: from her mother, who showed Letitia how to keep her heart open to new love. Even when it seemed so overwhelming. Email us at

S5E3: Let’s Stay Together

A vow renewal is a special breed of new beginning. It’s not just a restatement of original promises; it’s about a couple reaffirming their love and mutual commitment after years of lived experience. Which is exactly why Cindy Brown and Sharon McMahon chose to do it again and again. Plus, Meredith drops in on a (virtual) mass vow renewal ceremony organized by her alma mater, Syracuse University. Email us at

S5E2: New Crush, Old Bones

When Paola Bayron first noticed the cute guy at work, she already had a boyfriend. Over the next four years, as she and her colleague began and ended other relationships, the two of them cycled through periods of flirting, talking, not talking, and avoiding each other altogether. Until one day, when they couldn’t avoid each other any longer. Email us at

S5E1: A Kiss on the Shoulder

All this season, hear stories of new beginnings, resets, do-overs, and fresh chapters. In the first episode, Meredith shares the story of Kristina Libby and Tim Cahill, a New York couple who — despite all the horribleness of the past year — still managed to find each other. Then they grew closer through a modern-day Victorian courtship, finding sexiness in restraint and boundaries. Email us at

Bonus: Love in Motion

(In collaboration with and presented by the Boston Pops) Do good artistic partners make good romantic ones? In this special bonus episode, dancers Mia Dalglish and Jun Kuribayashi share their story of marriage, tango, and one very important full moon. Also, Meredith talks to Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart about what it takes to be a good collaborator — in music and in life. Have a story to share? Email us at

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