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Classic lit with a modern tone, every other week.

From the creators of Myths and Legends, comes an altogether same-but-different podcast set in the world of classic lit. These are the stories of Dracula, The Time Machine, The Three Musketeers. They're stories written by Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and H.P. Lovecraft, but with a casual, modern tone. Listen as Jason and Carissa Weiser breathe new life into the classics and tell the stories of some of the greatest books ever written.

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Jack London: The You You Are

Dr. Freddie Drummond is in a great position: a fulfilling job, a wonderful fiancée, and the respect of titans of industry. So…why is he going out at night, living a double life? Today’s story was based on “South of the Slot” by Jack London.

Time Enough at Last: One for the Books

Someday Henry Bemis is going to do it. Sometime he is going to go to that wonderful, glorious place and live the life of his dreams. The place? Well, the public library, of course. But…today is not that day. — Today’s episode was inspired by “Time…

Nikolai Gogol: Nose Goes

What happens when your nose leaves your face…and starts living a better life than you? Today’s episode was adapted from the story “The Nose” by Nikolai Gogol. You can find the full text . — Looking for something else to listen to? Check out Best of…

Edgar Allan Poe: Comorbid

You receive a letter from an old friend. He isn’t doing well. He invites you to visit him at his house. His house…that’s eating him whole. Today’s episode was inspired by “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe.  

Fictional update: three-part season finale in July!

Tolstoy: The Long Way Home

Two men, a servant and his master, take a drive on a snowy evening. The experience will forever alter both of their lives. Adapted from “Master and Man” by Leo Tolstoy. — If it sounds like it would be your thing, check out Mitos y Leyendas, Myths and…

Philip K. Dick: Fallout

It’s the 1980s and nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union has forced humanity into bunkers, scorching the planet and leaving only the Leadys, the semi-sentient robot fighters, to continue to wage the war above against other Leadys. The humans…

Sherlock Holmes: Dealbreaker

We learn which crime Sherlock Holmes thinks is the absolute worst…and it’s not what you think it is. Also, the great detective tries his hand at crime himself. Once he crosses that line, will he be able to come back from it? — Check out Best of the…

Alexander Pushkin: A Sure Thing

A young woman working as a servant for a cruel countess falls in love with the man across the street. It seems like a fairy tale, but are there more sinister motivations at play? Adapted from ” The Queen of Spades” by Alexander Pushkin

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