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Create If Writing is a weekly podcast for writers and bloggers dealing with authentic platform building online. You will hear from experts on list-building, connecting through Twitter, and how to utilize Facebook. But tools for building an audience would feel empty without a little inspiration, so these training episodes are balanced with inspirational interviews with writers who share their creative process, ups and downs, and how they have dealt with success or failure.

Kirsten Oliphant is a self-published author with an MFA in Fiction who has been blogging for 11 years and is in the top 20 of Houston's Social Media Power Influencers. She has spoken at Blog Elevated, Houston Social Media Breakfast, Adventure Con, Houston Business Advancement Conference, and Social Media Day Houston. She created the Free Email Course and loves to get nerdy about all things email list.

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196- A Tale of Two Launches

Two book launches, one month apart. Both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene. Oh, enough Shakespeare. Let’s dive into the nitty gritty of two different launches I had this fall.  Book launches don’t just come in one size….

195 – 2020 Updates Authors Need to Know

Facebook Facebook SEEMS to have emerged from its crazy banning ad accounts time period. But maybe not. If your ads or account got banned, you weren’t alone! Try to get through to their chat or on the phone with someone to get this fixed.  They…

194 – Why Isn’t My Book Selling?

This is a question I hear and get a lot: Why isn’t my book selling? In this post, we’ll dive into a simple checklist to help you look at why your book isn’t selling and how you can get those sales moving. Maybe you’ve been there.  You put in the…

193- Should You Publish Wide or Exclusive?

When you’re publishing your books, you have a big choice to make: Should you publish your book exclusively with Amazon or put your book up on all the retailers? We’ll break down the options in this post to help you make the right choice for…

192- Big Book Launches or Low-Key Book Launches

I’ve talked before about book launches and share a simple book launch framework. But I wanted to focus here on the tale of two launches: the big, splashy book launch and the low-key, chill book launch. But wait, isn’t there just one way to launch a…

191 – How to Plan Your Novel

We all have different ways of writing and planning. Learn to embrace what works for you! Pick up a free guide to help you plan:

190- How to Choose a Book Cover

In a recent post, Nate Hoffelder shared . Because book covers are so important, I wanted to create a companion post on how to choose the right cover and give some recommendations.  Why do we need to are about book covers? We’re writers! Right….

189- How to Get the Most Out of Free and Paid Book Promos

This post is going to dive into how to get the most out of free book promotions or 99-cent sales (which will include KDP countdown deals). You’ll walk away with a better idea of the strategy behind these kinds of promotions. Two of the tools used…

188 – How to Keep Consistent Book Sales

In this post I’m going to talk about how to keep consistent book sales over time. You might also want to look at my post, , as well as my latest episode about , which will tie into this information.  So … you’ve written a book. Congratulations!…

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