Can’t Lit

Hosted ByDina Del Bucchia & Jen Sookfong Lee

A podcast on all things Canadian and Literature and then some.

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105 – Can’t Lit Live! with Jason Purcell, Jónína Kirton & Tolu Oloruntoba

105 – Can’t Lit – Jane Davidson

104 – Can’t Lit – Naben Ruthnum

103- Can’t Lit – Dina & Jen: Start Me Up

Happy New Year! We’re here to shout into mics for another year. In this episode Dina and Jen talk about getting back to writing, what it looks like, or doesn’t, how they keep notes, and what gets them back into their manuscripts after time away. They…

102- Can’t Lit – Can’t Lit Holiday Fun Times Live!

101- Can’t Lit – Ellie Sawatzky & Isabella Wang

100- Can’t Lit – Can’t Lit Live 100!

099- Can’t Lit – Casey Plett

098- Can’t Lit – Shashi Bhat

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