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Hosted ByDina Del Bucchia & Jen Sookfong Lee

A podcast on all things Canadian and Literature and then some.

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122 – Can’t Lit – Tania De Rozario

Spring has sprung! And we have on the podcast to talk about her new collection of essays, as well as talking about horror as a conduit for feelings, loving ghosts, demons and phantoms and eating the rich. We also marvel at Rosie the wonderful…

121 – Can’t Lit – Dina & Jen – What’s the Point?

Hello listeners! Dina & Jen are chatting about stuff. Again! This time they’re in conversation about the point. What is it? Like, really, what’s the point? From writing in general, to specific projects to what they think the point of their own…

120 – Can’t Lit – Dina & Jen – Lies Writers Have Told Us

Welcome to 2024! WOW! Can you believe it? Feels like the future. Sort of. I don’t even know. DIna and Jen catch up and talk about raccoons and aquatic mammals and dog poop! Then they get into the books and stuff by telling tales and discussing lies…

119 – Can’t Lit – Dina & Jen – CHAOS

Yes, it’s true. We’ve been on an unplanned hiatus. But we’re back and this episode is (basically) the chaos episode. We have no theme and we’re talking about whatever we want! Britney, protests, IBS. This episode has it all! Listen now, if you dare!…

118 – Can’t Lit – Nathan Whitlock

Hello! If you love summer, like Dina, you’re probably sad it’s coming to a close sooner rather than later. If you hate summer, like Jen, you’re probably relieved! But no matter what the season, Can’t Lit is here for you. And this month we talk to the…

117 – Can’t Lit – Some of Our Favourite Things

Summer is here and so are we! Dina and Jen get together IN PERSON! To catch up and chat about some of their favourite “books and stuff” things. Rosie is excited. They also talk about their health issues, the Barbie movie, Joyride, and why…

116 – Can’t Lit – Andrew F. Sullivan

115 – Can’t Lit – Catherine Hernandez

114 – Can’t Lit – Cody Caetano

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