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Henri Cole: Blizzard

Henri Cole is a really sensational poet even for people who may not think poetry can be sensational. He works for the universe and he discusses his new book...

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum: “Likes”

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum’s “Likes” is a layered book of nine short stories.

Edmund White “A Saint from Texas”

Several kinds of novels in one, Edmund White’s “A Saint from Texas” is so good you might forget a novel can be this good.

Elizabeth Wetmore: ‘Valentine’ (Part Two)

Elizabeth Wetmore’s “Valentine” is an impressive demonstration of the power of the voices of women.

Elizabeth Wetmore: ‘Valentine’ (Part One)

Elizabeth Wetmore discusses her debut novel, “Valentine,” and Southern conservatism that wants to steer clear of the uglier parts of life.

Margot Livesey: “The Boy in the Field”

Life and story go hand in hand in Margot Livesey’s “The Boy in the Field.”

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