Book Club for Masochists: a Readers’ Advisory Podcast

Hosted ByAnna Ferri

A Readers’ Advisory Podcast about becoming better library staff by reading books we hate!

Every month we read books from a new, randomly picked genre; then on the podcast we discuss our reading choices, experiences, opinions, appeal factors, and other related topics as friends and library workers.

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Episode 030 – Rereading

We talk about when, why, (whether), and what we Reread, and what does it all mean? Plus: format shifting for rereads, plays vs. scripts, cover versions of fiction, and the suck fairy. You can download the podcast , find it  on , or get it through…

Episode 029 – Westerns

Yee-haw! Episode 29 has us reading Westerns! We discuss whether Westerns need cowboys, if stories featuring Mounties count as Westerns (maybe?), the idea of black hats and white hats, and Mr. Coffee Nerves! Plus: Matthew shows his ignorance of US…

Episode 028 – Accidental Romance

While we planned on talking about all the non-bookclub stuff we read, this turned out to be an Accidental Romance episode! We talk about romances in video games, romance novels (both bad and good), romance manga, and movies we watch with our partners….

Episode 027 – Non-Fiction Audiobooks

In this episode, Non-Fiction Audiobooks! Join us as we discuss the power of narrators, the problems of technology, and what to do while you’re listening to an audiobook. Also: We actually enjoy things! In this episode | | | Jessi Recommended…

Episode 026 – Print vs. Digital + Libraries vs. Owning

Our attempt to be super efficient in deciding the winner of Print vs. Digital and Library vs. Owning fails. We read off a bunch of Chuck Tingle ebook titles, so if our listeners might have small children in earshot…just maybe consider not….

Episode 025 – Detective Fiction

In this (long) episode, Detective Fiction! Join us as we discuss our (least) favorite detectives, inspectors, and PIs in fiction. Also: the problem of pronouncing author names without ever having heard them out loud before, to read in series order or…

Episode 024 – Other Stuff We Read

This episode we tackle the genre of…wait? What do you mean there’s no genre? We have to read things that aren’t for the book club?! I guess somehow we have time to consume other media outside of our book club picks! If you’re curious about…

Episode 023 – Non-Fiction Romance, Relationships, and Dating

This episode we tackle (and get distracted repeatedly from) the genre of Non-Fiction Romance, Relationships, and Dating books. We discuss what’s it like reading a book about dating when you’re in a committed relationship, the difficulties of…

Episode 022 – Planning and Tracking Your Reading

In our first non-genre episode for 2017 we take on Planning and Tracking Your Reading! We discuss if (and how) we track our reading, how we plan what to read in the future, and reading challenges. Plus: A kitty! In this episode | | | Jessi…

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