Published Podcast Ep. 61 | How To Write a Memoir People Want to Read with Lee Zarnikau

Today, I’m speaking with one of Greenleaf’s editors, Lee Reed Zarnikau. Lee will tell us how to piece together a memoir and give us her insights into the dos and don’ts of memoir writing from an editor’s perspective.

If you’re someone with an interesting life story, you may have been told by friends and family that you should write a book. But many authors struggle to put their experiences on paper in an authentic way that resonates with readers. This is where an editor’s insight comes in handy. In today’s episode, Lee will tell us how authors can make their memoir stand out.

A memoir isn’t just a collection of anecdotes. It’s also meant to be a narrative, so it takes some crafting to get it right. Lee explains how she guides authors who are struggling with this by helping them to identify their narrative arc, and what makes their memoir unique.

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