Learn from Holloway’s Clever Direct-to-Consumer Sales & Discoverability Techniques

Between traditionally published and self-published books, there are over 3 million books published per year, so in order for a book to stand out, sometimes independent publishers have to think outside the box.

Independent publisher Holloway has a unique system with their publishing strategy in terms of discoverability and direct-to-consumer sales, which has been quite successful for them, so COO Andrew Savikas joins “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to share details about Holloway’s savvy publishing model; how they’ve developed their website for search engine optimization; and how other independent publishers can apply some of the same techniques to their own businesses.


Andrew Savikas is the COO at Holloway, publisher of some of the most respected resources available anywhere on teamwork, creative work, startups, technology, venture capital, and career development. He has previously held executive roles at Safari Books Online, getAbstract, and O’Reilly Media, where he organized the Tools of Change for Publishing conference. Andrew has also served on the boards of the Book Industry Study Group and the International Digital Publishing Forum.

Independent Book Publishers Association is the largest trade association for independent publishers in the United States. As the IBPA Director of Membership & Member Services, Christopher Locke assists the 3,600 members as they travel along their publishing journeys. Major projects include managing the member benefits to curate the most advantageous services for independent publishers and author publishers; managing the Innovative Voices Program that supports publishers from marginalized communities; and hosting the IBPA podcast, “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA).” He’s also passionate about indie publishing, because he’s an author publisher himself, having published two novels so far in his YA trilogy, The Enlightenment Adventures.


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