Introducing Inklay, the Swiss e-paper display

Here is an E Ink display that brings a touch of elegance to your space. Meet Inklay, developed by Lukas von Niederhäusern, a designer and programmer hailing from Zurich, Switzerland. The newly launched device that is done up in walnut and oak frames not only makes it look a class apart but also lets it blend seamlessly with any décor that it is introduced in. But Inklay is more than just a pretty face as it comes packed with several convenient features. Read on.

As stated, Inklay comes with a large 9.7-inch black and white E-Ink display having 1200 x 825 resolution. The display supports 16 levels of grayscale and offers crisp and clear visuals. Setting up Inklay is a breeze too. Just power it up with three rechargeable AAA batteries or use the Type-C port for continuous power. You will also have to download the dedicated Inklay app to customize your display preferences.

For instance, there is the slideshow mode that will let you slide through your personal images. You can also render website content such as news and such onto Inklay via the app. For sports lovers, there is the option to have real-time sports stats displayed on the Inklay. This is achieved by connecting to Strava. You can also have access to the latest weather forecasts in the same manner. Plus, it keeps you informed about your PV system’s performance and dashboard info.

The e-paper display onboard has its own advantages, which include extremely low power consumption along with the ability to maintain an image while drawing zero power. The beautifully crafted case with its wooden finish also adds a dash of style without sacrificing substance. If you’d like to have one, head to the company website to order yours today. That said, shipping is currently limited to Switzerland, with a waiting period of four to five weeks.

Coming to the price, it stands at 250 Swiss francs which comes to around 277 USD. Currently, there are the Oak and Walnut models available though both are priced the same.

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