Golgo 13: The Oldest Manga Still Ongoing

Golgo 13

Started in 1968, Golgo 13 is the longest-running manga ever and is still in publication. The Japanese thriller manga series is certified by Guinness World Records as the highest number of volumes for a manga series.

The story revolves around a professional assassin – Duke Togo – who travels around the world accomplishing supposedly impossible jobs, mostly through scoped M16 rifle. The term “Golgo 13” is inspired from the death of Jesus Christ, and Golgo is short for Golgotha, which is the place of Jesus’ crucifixion. The number 13 is considered as an unlucky number.

Togo’s past and anything else about him is a complete mystery. But his character represents the ultimate Japanese alpha male power fantasy. He is a stoic professional who never fails, no matter which challenges he has to overcome. He never misses a shot, he has a commanding presence, an intimidating physique, is highly intelligent, shows no emotions whatsoever and of course, every female character has to throw herself at him. During his adventures his methods sometimes go to extreme lengths just to prove the point that he is the best there is in his craft.

Sadly, Takao Saito (writer and illustrator) died in 2021, but before his passing he urged his team to continue the series without him, claiming the manga has continued so long that it is no longer the property of the author; it belongs to the readers.

Unlike other manga series, Golgo 13 is only a man and his mission. Each self-contained “arc” consists only of a couple of chapters and is usually resolved within a single manga volume. The episodic approach makes it very easy to pick the series up, from whatever point you like, without bothering about missing some important plot points. If you’ve not watched it, you must try it.

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