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Episode 350 – Perfect Titles, Time Scarcity as an Author, and Pivoting for 2021

This week Bryan is back and we have a great show in store for you! This week’s winner is Dori H. Thank you to our featured Patrons – Where The Leaves Wither, The Cordova Vector, and Nolan Walker And The Superiors Squad. This weeks Honorable Mention goes to Legal Easy. Top Tips of the week include where to look to help you get started on your mockup, how to get the perfect title, and what you need to know when going wide. The 5 News stories that matter most to indies this week include whats going on with Amazon and DPLA, how to beat time scarcity as an author, why audiobooks are a decision of time vs money, why and when to consider hiring a VA, and how to get yourself ready for the new year. Question of the Week: What is your pivot for 2021 if you have one? How will you be changing what you do and what you’re doing and why will you be making that change?

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