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Black Chick Lit is a twice-monthly podcast that talks books by and for black women. Join Dani and Mollie as they talk prose, drink wine and laugh at their own jokes.

Episode 31: They All Fall Down

Happy August, readers! This month, we wanted a light beach read to help us make it through these remaining dog days of summer. Instead, we got a wild And Then There Were None-inspired murder fest where a man gets boiled alive in a hot tub. Fun.

We read They All Fall Down, by Rachel Howzell Hall, and it’s full to the brim of assholes. We read as an equally asshole-y lawyer lures them to a tropical paradise where they’re cut down one by one. There are guns, cocaine, poisonous sushi and, deadliest of all, the world’s longest silk scarf.

Listen in as we discuss this motley crew of murderers and bandits and decide who had the best (worst?) death.

No BCLChat question this time! In our next episode, we’re trying something new. Instead of asking you guys a question and sharing your answers, we’re going to pick a topic or issue to discuss and have more structured (read: researched lol) conversations about them. More episodes like our #RITASsoWhite discussion, for example. Next chat, we’re discussing black booktubers and discuss the issues they face on the platform.

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