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SFF Yeah! is a biweekly fantasy and science fiction podcast dedicated to the latest happenings and our favorite recommendations from the worlds of science fiction and fantasy.

E64: Second Books In Series

Sharifah and Jenn discuss a must-read panel recap from NYCC, casting news, the creation of a new award, second books in series, and more.

This episode is sponsored byBook Riot’s Blind Date with a Book,Rebel by Marie Lu, with Fierce ReadsandPenguin Teen.

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Shadow and Bone Casting Update

The Craft reboot casting

This week’s recommended read:Recap from NYCC panelon mental health in SFF and horror

New series from MR Carey

New award for BAME writers


Binary (Revolution)by Stephanie Saulter

The Dragon Republicby RF Kuang (tw: graphic violence, assault, rape, genocide, torture, addiction, self-harm)

Not Your Villainby C.B. Lee

A Hat Full of Skyby Terry Pratchett

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