BSG #90: Thomas Cruise M’pother IV / Rouge

Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty – we’re talking about Rouge by Mona Awad! Special guest Mary Kay McBrayer (author and podcast host) joins us for a deep dive into this surreal world to chat about genre, mother-daughter relationships, the toxic beauty industry, and of course, Tom Cruise himself. Next we catch up with what’s on the blog, including a post about Hazbin Hotel and new Bachelor recaps! Buckle up for our next Othersode on Jennifer Lopez’s movie-thing, This is Me…Now on March 5th. Then read along for our next Bookpisode about Thorn Hedge by T. Kingfisher on March 19th! Please leave us a rating and review on Apple podcasts, and we might read it on the pod!

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:30 – Welcome Mary Kay! And childhood crushes
9:11 – The very extra Goodreads summary
14:44 – Genre
21:41 – Mother Daughter relationships
52:57 – The ending
1:08:40 – Tom Cruise
1:23:30 – Cover art corner
1:26:35 – Ratings
1:31:16 – Mary Kay’s new podcast, what’s on the blog? What’s up next?


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