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BSG #6: A Lotta Lotto / Fates & Furies

Can you ever truly know your spouse? The Book Squad tackles relationship conundrums and more as we discuss Lauren Groff’s novel “Fates and Furies.” There’s even a special guest appearance by Ask-A-Man favorite Joe! Plus: We weigh in on BiP/The next Bachelor, read listener feedback about movies that are better than the books, and reveal the lucky winner of a signed copy of “Orphan Island” by Laurel Snyder!

00:25 – Introduction: Lies we’ve told

08:05 – Intro to “Fates and Furies” and the terrible Goodreads summary
10:30 – Our general thoughts: Mary rages
11:55 – Is it pretentious? Is the language too fancy?
18:18 – Fates vs. Furies (spoiler: Furies wins)
20:53 – Discussing an interview with Lauren Groff –
21:59 – Lauren Groff is so cool
25:28 – You can’t Woody Allen it in the Theatre World
27:05 – Lotto is a misogynist and an idiot
28:33 – My mind is telling me no, but my body’s telling me yes
30:00 – How do we feel about the structure?
31:40 – Bitch, you don’t know her
32:38 – Is Lauren Groff pulling a “Gone Girl?”
33:49 – Are Lotto and Mathilde glamorous?
34:45 – Lotto’s Artist Retreat!
37:00 – Dick-related writing advice
39:40 – Not all marriages!
40:55 – Why don’t we talk about all the sex/the lie?
46:23 – Ask a man! We ask Joe about marriage!
50:20 – Losing your virginity vs. getting your period
52:02 – Can you ever really know your spouse?

55:33 – Listener Letters: Melanie and Justineau
58:00 – “Silver Linings Playbook”
58:42 – Bachelor talk: Dean is a fuckboy & no one likes Arie
01:00:23 – Kelli’s Bachelor Plans
01:01:33 – Bradley Cooper’s face
01:02:45 – “Me Before You”
01:04:30 – “The Shining”

01:09:58 – Things on the blog – ARE YOU THE ONE?
01:11:05 – Fresh off the Boat
01:16:00 – Next next time: “All the Ugly and Wonderful Things” by Bryn Greenwood
01:18:30 – Future love-pisode about “Room?”
01:20:30 – The Winner of the “Orphan Island” Giveaway!!!

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