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If this website were a campus, the DIY MFA podcast would be the school’s radio station. Hosted by instigator Gabriela Pereira, this show emulates the traditional MFA speaker series where authors and industry experts speak to students about writing, but makes these conversations accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

406: Using History to Write About the Future and Change the Present – Interview with GG Kellner

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing G.G. Kellner

Gayle is a poet, essayist, artist, educator, and Author of Hope: A History of the Future, a novel in which she imagines a peaceful, just, sustainable future based on facts, legal precedence, and historical documents. Gayle lives in a home that has been in her family for five generations. She spends most of her time creating with words, paints, and sculpture, as well as walking the beaches and forests of her island home with her dog.


In this episode GG Kellner and I discuss:

  • How she created the web of complex character relationships and the framework for her novel.
  • Why you need to face your fears in order to open yourself up to the possibilities of life.
  • The relationship between cause and effect in history and its impact on the future.


Plus, her #1 tip for writers.

For more info and show notes:

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