You’re Booked

Hosted ByDaisy Buchanan

Welcome to You’re Booked, the podcast for literary nosy parkers who would like the chance to snoop around their favourite authors’ bookshelves.

I’m Daisy Buchanan, your Book Inspector, and I’ll be asking our guests all about the first forbidden books they read under the covers, the beloved books they have borrowed, and never given back, and those impressive heavyweight hardbacks that make them look like intellectual giants – even though they couldn’t get beyond the first twenty pages.

We’ll also be talking about what makes readers into writers, how our guests became book lovers and their favourite reading memories, all with a dash of intelligence and a dollop of irreverence. Our guests include Dolly Alderton, Nina Stibbe, Nikesh Shukla, and many more favourites from our own bookshelves.

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4. Robyn Wilder and Stuart Heritage

For episode 4 we’re heading to Ashford – the home of the Eurostar, Vic Reeves, Bob Holness and the journalistic power couple Stuart Heritage and Robyn Wilder. Stuart is the author of the brilliantly funny memoir Don’t Be a Dick Pete, Robyn wr…

3. Sarra Manning

It’s Muswell Hill for Ep 3, not far from the desks of Alan Bennett, Zadie Smith, and today’s guest Sarra Manning. Sarra is a bestselling, prolific novelist, literary editor of Red, alumni of several top teen mags and one of the most prolific reade…

2. Cathy Rentzenbrink

For Episode 2, we’re off to Falmouth, Cornwall. The Wild West has been inspiring writers for 100s of years, from Du Maurier to DH Lawrence and it’s the home of our very special guest, Cathy Rentzenbrink. Many readers will be familiar with Cathy from he…

1. Dolly Alderton

Episode one takes place in leafy, literary North London, a place that has inspired many Very Important Pens – including those belonging to Virginia Woolf, JG Ballard, and that of our very first guest Dolly Alderton.

Dolly, the author of…

Welcome to You’re Booked

Welcome to You’re Booked, the podcast for literary nosy parkers.

Join your Book Inspector, Daisy Buchanan, as she enters the homes of your favourite authors and snoops around their bookshelves. She’ll uncover forbidden reads, books borrowed…

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