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Writer's Voice features author interviews and readings, as well as news, commentary and tips related to writing and publishing. We also talk with editors, agents, publicists and others about issues of interest to writers. Francesca Rheannon is producer and host of Writer's Voice. She is a writer, an independent radio producer and a broadcast journalist.

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Elsa Panciroli on mammal evolution, BEASTS BEFORE US & gardening author Maggie Stuckey, THE CONTAINER VICTORY GARDEN

We talk with Elsa Panciroli about BEASTS BEFORE US: The Untold Story of Mammal Origins and Evolution. Then, we kick off the gardening season talking with gardening book author Maggie Stuckey about The Container Victory Garden: A Beginners Guide To Grow…

How The Democrats Lost Their Soul & The End of the American Dream: Ed Burmila & Alissa Quart

We talk with Ed Burmila about his book, Chaotic Neutral: How the Democrats Lost Their Soul in the Center. Then, Alissa Quart of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, tells us about Bootstrapped: Liberating Ourselves from the American Dream.

A Personal History of Modern Ireland with Fintan O’Toole

“Religion and politics are pretty important things in and of themselves, but when you fuse them into a single identity, it actually becomes pretty toxic.”

Celebrating Reproductive Choice: Felicia Kornbluh, A WOMAN’S LIFE IS A HUMAN LIFE & Dolen Perkins-Valdez, TAKE MY HAND

We center our episode on the fight for reproductive choice. Our first guest is Felicia Kornbluh. Her book, A Woman’s Life Is A Human Life, chronicles the spell-binding story of how the first law legalizing abortion in the US was passed—in New York in 1…

Stewart Udall and The Politics of Beauty with John de Graaf & Tony Mazzochi, Labor Leader And Environmentalist

Stewart Udall served as the Secretary of the Interior under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson from 1961 to 1969. During his time in office, he helped create national parks, protected wilderness areas, and advocated for conservation efforts.

Celebrating Black History Month: Interview with Biographer James McGrath Morris on Ethel Payne, First Lady of the Black Press

Listen to the story of Ethel Payne, star reporter and Washington Press Corps correspondent for the Chicago Defender, the black press’ paper of record from the years of the Great Migration through the civil rights movement.

Grief, Sisterhood & Becoming an Athlete: Chetna Maroo, WESTERN LANE & Black History Month: Ta-Nahisi Coates, THE BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE

Ta Nahisi Coates: “On the news, you know, whenever you hear about people talking about Black youth and their “respect killings” — you know, somebody got shot over respect — people look at these folks like they’re crazy. In fact,

How To Reckon With Patriarchy: V, RECKONING & Black History Month: DaMaris Hill, A BOUND WOMAN IS A DANGEROUS THING

V comes to a reckoning with the patriarchy that undergirds the violence done to women, to peoples and the planet. And Damaris Hill helps us celebrate Black History Month.

Heinz Insu Fenkl, SKULL WATER & Stephanie Wear, EAT UGLY

Heinz Insu Fenkl talks about his autobiographical novel Skull Water. Then we learn about “eating ugly” to save the planet with marine scientist Dr. Stephanie Wear.

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