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Writers talk craft, agent hunt, query trenches, publishing industry, and more. Hosted by Mindy McGinnis.

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Sophie Perinot: Researching for Historical Fiction

Guest author Sophie Perinot writes high concept fiction that is set in the past. Her works include THE SISTER QUEENS, MEDICI DAUGHTER and A DAY OF FIRE: A NOVEL OF POMPEII. Sophie joined host Mindy McGinnis to talk about querying the old-fashioned way, t…

Janet Sumner Johnson: Content Writing for Middle Grade

Middle Grade author Janet Sumner Johnson talks about her debut novel, THE LAST GREAT ADVENTURE OF THE PB&J SOCIETY, as well as the challenge of writing for middle graders, the assumption that books for children are somehow lesser than books written for a…

Lydia Kang: Writing Across Genres

Guest Lydia Kang, author of SciFi YA titles CONTROL & CATALYST, talks with host Mindy McGinnis about writing across multiple genres (Lydia also has an adult historical and a non-fiction title on the way), the amount of research required in order to get d…

March Roundup Plus Mindy’s Best (And Worst) Writing Advice

A roundup of the interviews for the month of March, as well as Mindy’s experience with both the best – and the worst – writing advice out there.
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M-E Girard: Writing Queer YA

M-E Girard, author of GIRL MANS UP, joins host Mindy McGinnis to talk about the amount of research involved in the agent hunt, different stages of the authorial journey, writing queer YA, a day in the life of the successful and (not-so-beautifully) tortu…

Justina Ireland: Writing Outside of Your Race

Justina Ireland, author of Vengeance Bound and Promise of Shadows talks with host Mindy McGinnis about such topics as the real-life breakdown of big advances, writing for your audience versus writing for the gatekeepers, white as default for readers, and…

RC Lewis: Critique Partners – How to Get One, How to Be One

Guest Sci-Fi author RC Lewis author of Stitching Snow and Spinning Starlight talks with host Mindy McGinnis about how she got her agent and the writing forum that they both credit with helping start their careers. Also, the pros and cons of pitch contest…

Kate Karyus Quinn: Query Process & Writer’s Envy

In the first episode, host Mindy McGinnis talks with author Kate Karyus Quinn about her journey from aspiring to published author. From the query process to professional jealousy, the life of a writer is not all wine and roses. 
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