The Steer

Hosted ByJoshua James Amberson, Karleigh Frisbie Brogan & Jeff Alessandrelli

Hosted by Joshua James Amberson, Karleigh Frisbie Brogan, and Jeff Alessandrelli in Portland, Oregon, The Steer features leading musicians talking about their favorite writers and books and leading writers talking about their favorite musicians and albums. Conversations often go elsewhere and following each talk is a playlist of songs or sounds discussed during the interview. New episodes drop every two weeks.

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Short Story Author Margaret Malone

Jeff and Joshua talk to Portland short story writer Margaret Malone, author of the PEN Hemingway finalist book People Like You. Within: writing rituals, anti-comparison living, the magic of the live reading, the wizardry of Juana Molina, and the imagined height of Bill Callahan.

Andre Perry–Playlist

Music from the Andre Perry episode of The Steer, as heard on and KZUT 99.1 FM Los Angeles. Artists include Mobb Deep, The Grateful Dead, Sasami, Kendrick Lamar and Brittany Howard, among others.

Essayist Andre Perry

Joshua and Jeff talk to Andre Perry about listening to Kendrick Lamar live in Iowa City, making music in San Francisco, the nuances of The Grateful Dead, co-founding the Mission Creek Festival, and his debut essay collection Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now.

Kyle Morton–Playlist

Music from the Kyle Morton episode of The Steer, as heard on and KZUT 99.1 FM Los Angeles. Tracks from Kyle’s solo album What Will Destroy You are featured, as well as a few from Kyle’s band Typhoon.

Songwriter Kyle Morton (of Typhoon)

Joshua and Jeff talk to Kyle Morton, Typhoon frontman Kyle Morton and noted solo musician, about reading history; growing up in Salem, Oregon; the nuances of good lyric writing, among other far-flung topics.

Performance Artist & Memoirist Gabrielle Civil

Joshua and Jeff talk to writer and performance artist Gabrielle Civil about Prince, Bjork, Solange, how to both define and come to terms with success, and her new book Experiments in Joy, longlisted for the Believer Book Award in the non-fiction category.

Gabrielle Civil–Playlist

Music from the Gabrielle Civil episode of The Steer, as heard on and KZUT 99.1 FM Los Angeles. Artists include Prince, Digable Plants, Bjork, Nina Simone and Solange, among others.

Season 2 Intro

New Steer co-host Joshua James Amberson and Jeff Alessandrelli discuss the upcoming season of their music/writing podcast/radio show The Steer.

Season 1 Outro

The Steer says goodbye to Season 1 of the show and talks about what’s coming up in Season 2.

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