The Slowdown

Hosted ByTracy K. Smith

Every weekday, Tracy K. Smith delivers a different way to see the world – through poetry. Produced in partnership with the Poetry Foundation and supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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121: A Room of Her Own

Today's poem is A Room of Her Own by Ming Di.

120: What’s Left

Today's poem is What's Left by Kerry Hardie.

119: He Said

Today's poem is He Said by Gerald Stern.

118: Migraine: Aura and Aftermath

Today's poem is Migraine: Aura and Aftermath by Claudia Emerson.

117: To The Republic

Today's poem is To The Republic by Frank Bidart.

116: Record Changer

Today's poem is Record Changer by Adrian Matejka.

115: Michiko Dead

Today's poem is Michiko Dead by Jack Gilbert.

114: Burial

Today's poem is Burial by Koleka Putuma.

113: First Will & Testament

Today's poem is First Will & Testament by sam sax.

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