The Self Publishing Show

Hosted ByMark Dawson & James Blatch

Mark Dawson is a best selling self-published author on multiple platforms including Amazon and Kobo. He is the author of the John Milton thriller series and its spin-off Beatrix Rose. In addition, he’s written several ‘Soho Noir' novels. Mark’s breakthrough came when he developed a marketing strategy for promoting and selling his books. His swift success enabled him to quit his 9 to 5 job and he has generated gross revenues of more than a million dollars in less than five years.

Mark has become a leading voice in the self publishing industry and he advocates and teaches a strategy based around offering books for free, mailing list development and social media advertising. In 2015, he published the first version of what is now his acclaimed online course ‘Advertising for Authors’. He has also developed a course for writers at the start of their careers – Self Publishing 101.

James Blatch co-hosts the podcast and he represents the first time, wannabe author. James is a former BBC News journalist who is currently writing his first novel.

Between them James and Mark explore the world of self publishing with a focus on actionable tips for new and experienced indie authors.

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SPS-336: Kobo Writing Life: Reach New Readers – with Tara Cremin

Kobo’s Tara Cremin explains why you’re leaving millions of readers on the table.

SPS-335: Publishing the New Poirot – with Sophie Hannah

Currently teaching a writing course at Cambridge University, Sophie Hannah discusses the publishing routes available to new authors.

SPS-334: Flying into Fiction: Video Games & NFTs – with Nicholas Narbutovskih

SPS-333: Building Better Worlds: Special Effects & Writing – with Chrissy Metge

Chrissy Metge isn’t just an author of children’s books – she also works on the special effects for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

SPS-332: MiblArt: Cover Design During the War – with Julia Rozdobudko

Julia had to flee Ukraine due to the war, yet MiblArt’s work as a book cover design company continues.

SPS-331: Websites for Writers – with Stuart Grant

Ace author website designer, Stuart Grant, explains why every author needs a site and how to go about securing one that’s going to help you sell more books.

SPS-330: Getting Ready for The Self Publishing Show Live! – with Mark Dawson & James Blatch

Two years on and it’s back! Mark and James talk you through the exciting schedule for this year’s upcoming two-day SPS event in London.

SPS-329: Self-Publishing Fundamentals – with Mark Dawson & James Blatch

So how do you get started as an indie author? Let multi-million selling indie superstar Mark Dawson and newbie author James Blatch be your guides!

SPS-328: Marie Force Be With You! 10 Million Copies Sold and Counting…

Indie author superstar, Marie Force, on what it takes to keep your readers coming back for more.

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