The Manuscript Academy

The Manuscript Academy brings you conversations with agents, editors, and writers who can help you on your publishing journey.

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What Writers Can Expect of Agents (And How To Get It) with Author Jo Wu and Agent Tricia Lawrence

Multiple Agent Offers, Power & Agency For Characters, and Shelving Books One Through Three

Bestselling Author Emily Henry on Snappy Dialogue, Enemies-to-Lovers & Character Likability

700-Page Novels, Agent Misunderstandings, And The Best Food Descriptions The NYT Has Ever Read

Storytelling For A Living with Celia Anne Browne

You, Only More So: Picture Books, Illustrations & Creativity As An Adult with Liz Goulet Dubois

Intentional Writing, Industry Transparency, and Strategizing For Important, Difficult Books

Minister of Writing Happiness: How Mary Murchie Supports The Whole Writer

What To Ask An Agent with Mary Cummings, Great River Literary

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