The Manuscript Academy

The Manuscript Academy brings you conversations with agents, editors, and writers who can help you on your publishing journey.

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Finding Your Voice: On the Page, In Your Life with Agent Katharine Sands + Jessica Doyle-Mekkes

Hollywood Versus New York: Publishing, Film, Options, Etiquette + What Makes A Hook?

Emotional Range, Sensory Details, And Pitching Works On Difficult Topics

Live Recorded: Query Class with Agent Dr. Emmy Nordstrom Higdon

Mini Lesson: What Author Elizabeth Holden Did Right In Her Query & First Page

The Roller Derby of Querying: How Author Elizabeth Holden Found Her Agent

Finding Your Perfect Agent Fit with Agent Ismita Hussain and Author Jessica Guerrieri

Free Query Workshop With Agent Emmy Nordstrom Higdon: Interest, Emphasis & Tension

Writing Fantasy That Mirrors Our World With (Manuscript) Academy Award Winner Ali McLafferty

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