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The New York Public Library’s podcast about books, culture, and what to read next.

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Emotional and Spiritual Dividends, Ep 219

Crystal and Frank discuss their free reads and pick their next book club read which has a very special tie to NYPL. 

Always Under Renovation, Ep. 218

Frank and Crystal discuss their book pick: Light From Uncommon Stars!

Social Media, Vlad, and Electronics! (Wait, what?), Ep 217

Our hosts discuss an article Frank read on how social media has affected our society, and Crystal’s book pick, Vladimir by Julia May Jones. 

Classic Myths Never Get Old, Ep 216

Crystal and Frank discuss Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis and how modern writers retell classic ancient myths. 

Recommendations For Joy, Ep 215

Frank and Crystal discuss what they read this week and reflect on how reading gives them joy. 

Podcastial Purgatory, Epi 214

Frank updates us on his progress in Anna Karenina and Crystal gives us a new book rec!

Crank Is In!, Ep 213

Frank and Crystal discuss Frank’s progress on Anna Karenina and Crystal’s reading pick for this week. 

Anna Ks All Around!, Ep 212

Frank and Crystal discuss their book picks this week!

Adding Value to People’s Lives Via Librarianship, Ep 211

This week Crystal and Frank chat with AJ Muhammad, the Head Reference Librarian in the of the .  

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