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A podcast of interviews with thought leaders within and without the writing community. All about writing, the craft, submission, publishing, and career building for writers of all kinds and ability levels.

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Episode 24: Mindy McGinnis, YA Author

Mindy McGinnis, mystery, suspense, thriller author and dog haver, joins the Good Story Podcast to talk about her upcoming work with James Patterson, shit-shoveling, book snobbery, and showing characters’ humanity.

Episode 23: Jonathan Auxier, Writer of Strange Stories for Strange Kids

In a special spooky episode of the Good Story Podcast, NYT Bestselling young adult and middle-grade author Jonathan Auxier joins Mary Kole to discuss visual writing, worldbuilding, and how different media use dialogue to create action.

Episode 22: Kelly Madrone, Award-Winning Writer and Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter Kelly Madrone joins us to talk about writing as someone else, modulating a professional potty mouth, and creating a story arc in memoir.

Episode 21: Gabriela Pereira, founder of DIY MFA

Gabriela Pereira discusses her journey to founding DIY MFA, the do-it-yourself alternative to a Masters degree in writing, while living with bipolar disorder. Along the way, she shares tips about unconventional learning styles, finding a writing community in your backyard, and using storytelling to effectively market your work.

Episode 20: Rachel Orr, YA and Children’s Literary Agent

Decades-long agent, Rachel Orr, talks about real life clients as she shares what agents and editors are looking for, what to include in your query letter, and how to challenge the status quo.

Episode 19: Chuck Sambuchino, Freelance Editor and Publishing Expert

Insights from industry veteran Chuck Sambuchino on how to become a well-informed writer, build a platform, and get published.

Episode 18: Patricia Faithfull and Rick Williams, Aspiring Writers

A conversation about “The Emotion Thesaurus” as well as writing tools in general and whether human input can ever be replaced by tools.

Episode 17: Anna Staniszewski, Children’s Author

On this month’s episode, children’s author Anna Staniszewski chats about her path to publication, writing for different age groups, and what it takes to make it as a full-time author.

Episode 16: Laura Sebastian, YA Fantasy Author

A conversation with YA fantasy author Laura Sebastian (ASH PRINCESS, out now from Delacorte) all about worldbuilding.

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