The Drunken Odyssey with John King: A Podcast About the Writing Life

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Join author John King for eclectic interviews with writers from a variety of genres, including fiction writing, poetry, memoirs, and journalism. From literature to genre writing to the movies, all writing is up for discussion. In particular, The Drunken Odyssey features discussion of all aspects of the writing process—not just the published manuscript, pristinely presented to the entire literate world, but also the scrawled notes and tortured drafts that lead writers there. In long-form interviews, writers discuss their process and the way that writing has influenced their lives. Besides this interview, each episode also features a short memoir essay from a writer about a beloved book, plus John King responds to listener’s questions and observations about the writing (and the drinking) life.

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620: A Discussion of Asteroid City, with Jared Silvia!

In this week’s show, John talks with Jared Silvia about the 2023 film, Asteroid City, and look at how Wes Anderson and co-writer Roman Coppola counterbalances surges of emotion with layers of artifice, which is a mixed metaphor, we know.

619: Jessie Ren Marshall!

In this week’s show, John talks with Jessie Red Marshall about her extraordinary short story collection, Women! In! Peril! The topics discussed include how story collections are like mixtapes, how thematic unity occurs brilliantly by accident, and…

618: A Book Discussion of Kenneth Patchen’s Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer, with Nick Georgoudiou!

In this week’s show, John and Nick Georgoudiou discuss Kenneth Patchen’s surreal postmodern novel, Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer, before a small crowd gathered at the .

617: Marie Mutsuki Mockett!

In this week’s show, John talks to Marie Mutsuki Mockett about her exquisite new novel, The Tree Doctor, which leads us to the topics of Japanese literature, The Tale of Genji, and how the ancient world is surprisingly like our own.

616: A Book Discussion of George Saunders’s A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, with Rachael Tillman!

On today’s show, Rachael and I discuss George Saunders’s discussion of seven short stories by Russian authors. Since Saunders’s book is the result of teaching these stories in MFA craft courses over multiple decades, this book and today’s discussion…

615: Diane Seuss!

This ep. features a conversation with Pulitzer prize-winning poet Diane Seuss about her latest book of verse, Modern Poetry. With bursts of internal rhyme about thorny subjects, Modern Poetry awaits the reader with a spirit of mourning and loss and…

Replay: Episode 570 with Kathleen Rooney

Thanks to Brian Salmons for bumpering this replay episode.

614: Celeste Ng & Ben Fountain, interviewed by Samantha Nickerson!

On today’s show, Samantha Nickerson interviews the fiction writers Celeste Ng and Ben Fountain!

613: Jamel Brinkley and M. Evelina Galang!

On #613, Chelsea Alice speaks with Jamel Brinkley about his new short story collection Witness, plus John King speaks with M. Evelina Galang about her new short story collection, When the Hibiscus Falls. Special Thanks to Miami Book Fair.

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